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Why Me Why Now?
Besides My Excellent Listening Skills

I am an excellent content creator, writer, blogger, wordsmith ( I am obviously not a great web designer), but that's okay. 

I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Louisville in Policy Analysis with a concentration in Religious Studies. I have course work from Western Kentucky University in Photojournalism (had to leave early after a backhoe fell on my car...while I was in it!). And I have Masters work in English/Constitutional Law at Temple University. 

Oh, also did the law thing at University of Louisville School of Law. 

I have been writing for 10+ years. My experience covers travel, food&drink, sports, small businesses, large corporations, history, philosophy and so much more. 

Are you bored yet?

There is a lot of "I" going on here and this should be about you!

So here is why you should choose me to be your content creator, ghostwriter, or blogger.

  • In one month I increased a clients LinkedIn impressions 15.37%! While increasing their followers by 25! That's one month! So excited to see what's next!

  • Have extensive experience in writing for travel, gardening, sports and legal research. Please check out my Freelancer Profile on Upwork (gladys louise T).

  • But the most important thing...I guarantee my work!  I care about getting your inspiration and ideas on paper.

Send me a message. I want to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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