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3 NFL Rumors and a Truth Serum Cocktail

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields with football being chased by Detroit Lions player
NFL Quarterback Justin Fields running towards the future.

Everybody talks. Some disseminate information to the masses, and others do it for clickbait. The struggle in the off-season is figuring out which is which. So, here are three NFL rumors that are particularly fascinating (feel free to tell me others) and a recipe for the Truth Serum cocktail you can savor as you sift through the off-season rumor mill.

Truth Serum Cocktail

You will find there are many variations of the truth serum cocktail. Some contain Absinthe in the ingredients, and others contain rum, vodka, and Chambord, but as we can all attest, alcohol itself is the best truth serum.

This recipe calls for Absinthe; if you can’t get it, just substitute rum (but try to find yourself some Absinthe!

What You Need

1-ounce Vodka

Dash Absinthe

1 ounce of Triple Sec

1 oz Melon Liqueur

1oz Blue Curacao

Lemonade for the floater

What You Will Do

Add Vodka, Absinthe, Triple Sec, Melon liqueur, and Blue Curacao in a highball glass with ice.

Top with the Lemonade.

Stir and CHEERS!


Absinthe has been called “green fairy” and was banned in the United States for a time. Absinthe is associated with hallucinogenic effects because of the wormwood in its ingredients. It is, per WebMD, a “herb-infused alcohol derived from fennel, anise, and the leaves and flowers of a small shrub” that we know as wormwood.

Absinthe is generally between 90 and 148 proof. For those in the mindset, some bottles are 179 proof. This proof equals 89% alcohol. (In comparison, vodka and whiskey are generally 40% alcohol).

Switzerland lifted the ban on Absinthe in 2003, and France lifted its ban in 2011. The United States only permits the thujone-free absinthe, and France does not allow the word “absinthe” to appear on the bottles unless they’re to be exported.

>Thujone is a chemical compound most commonly associated with absinthe. It was once believed to be responsible for the stimulant and psychoactive effects, but it is unlikely because of the small amount of it present in absinthe<

All this to say, JUST USE A DASH when making the drink…if you sub out Rum, ½ ounce should be more than adequate.

Now, on to sports and the rumor mill!

Rumor Number 1

Justin Fields is going to Pittsburgh Steelers

I admit this is number one because, as a Steeler fan, I am doing my best to make this manifest.


My manifestations aside, outwardly, the Steelers are playing coy and seemingly sold on giving Kenny Pickett one more chance.

The Bears remain in the driver’s seat in this game of Fields roulette. The Bears hold the number one 2024 NFL Draft pick (thank you, Carolina Panthers).

The quarterback class in this year’s draft is deep (thank you, NFL 2024 Combine). So, the Bears can either trade the number one pick to a desperate team and reap some heavy draft capital, surrounding Fields with weapons, or they can trade Fields and draft a quarterback at number one and hope that their last three years of dysfunction does not ruin another good quarterback.

Balls in your court, Chicago.



Rumor Number 2

Another season, another Stefon Diggs leaving Buffalo rumor.


Does Diggs stoke the fire to the rumors? Yes. Is this one of those persistent rumors that is rooted in truth? Maybe, but it is hardly likely with Diggs’ contract.

Diggs is playing on a contract that guarantees him $70 million. That and the words of the general manager make him WR1 in Buffalo.

For those invested in the Buffalo Bills, the contract and his WR1 status have become hard to swallow. Diggs's output isn’t in the same stratosphere as his monetary gain.

Last season, among wide receivers, he was sixth in targets (160) and ninth in target shares (29.5%). But he was 59th in aDot (10.3), 20th in red zone targets (16), 13th in Yards After Catch (399), and 11th in total touchdowns. And when it mattered most in the NFC Divisional game against the eventual Super Bowl Champions, Diggs was second on the team in targets (8), tied for fourth in receptions (3) with Latavius Murray, and finished with 21 receiving yards and zero touchdowns.

So, the rumors will persist. His brother will continue tweeting, and the rumors will persist until the Bills win a Super Bowl or, more likely, Diggs's contract expires and he exits Buffalo.


Rumor Number 3

This year’s free agent running back class is “the best class of RBs in free agent history.”

The quote from @AdamSchefter is not hyperbole. This class will contain, among others:

·      Saquon Barkley

·      Derrick Henry

·      Josh Jacobs

·      Tony Pollard

·      Austin Ekeler

·      D’Andre Swift

·      Kareem Hunt

This class is phenomenal for both fantasy football purposes and some perspective teams (depending on the landing spots). This is not…I repeat, this is not a rumor. This free-agent running back class is on fire.


3 NFL Rumors and Some Truth Serum

‘Tis the season for rumors to proliferate. What’s the most exciting rumor you heard and trying to manifest?


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