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Don't Be a SEO Optimization Victim: Title Tags

SEO Content
SEO Optimization Helps Your Content Get Seen

We all want our blogs and web pages to be optimized. You put the information out there…why not optimize its content? If you have the greatest content, and no one sees it…is it still the greatest?

Don’t Be an SEO Statistical Victim| SEO Title Tags

SEO is about convincing searchers to click on your page in the search results. So, let’s find out why you are an SEO statistical victim and how to rectify that situation.

Stats courtesy of Ahrefs.

68.54% of Sites have pages with mismatched Title Tags and SERP titles.

First, SEO is what you will do to get your webpage to the top of the SERP. The SERP is the “Search Engine Results Page,” the page that a search engine returns after a user submits a search query.

This is an easy fix: make your title tags similar to your heading tags, specifically your H1 tag.

§  Your H1 tag should contain the main title.

§  The title tag and the H1 tag act as page titles. They should overlap.

63.19% of sites have pages with title tags that are too long.

The optimum length is between 50-60 characters. Characters, not words, are what you are counting. Google starts acting Big Brother if you go over 70 characters. For over 70 characters, Google shortens or rewrites title tags.

§  Include only the most relevant information.

32.76% of sites have pages with title tags that are too short.

I know. Make your titles brief but not too brief. The optimum title length should be between 50-60 characters. That’s important…not just words but characters.

And if your title is too brief, then Google and searchers will be confused about your content.

To keep the titles brief:

§  Don’t put your title in all caps. Uppercase letters take up extra space.

§  Unless it is necessary, remove your brand name from the title. If it is necessary, put it in…if it’s necessary.

§  Use symbols to save space. For instance, use “&” instead of “and”.

§  Find the narrower symbols. For instance, use colons (:) or pipes (|) as separators rather than hyphens (-) or dashes (---).

SEO Title Tags are Important.

Your content must be seen. SEO optimization is the way. SEO is about getting searchers to click on your page. And SEO Title Tags are one way to do that.

§  Title Tags are a factor in the ranking of your content.

§  Title Tags impact how many clicks you get.

When Writing the SEO Title Tag

§  Make sure you are targeting the best keyword.

§  Find potential secondary keywords---but always avoid keyword stuffing. Adding unnecessary keywords will put you on Google’s ‘bad side,’ lowering your ranking.

Let’s get you optimized.


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