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Super Bowl LVIII, the Hype, Time to Take a Vegas Bomb Shot

Shot glass being dropped into a liquid filled glass on a black granite bar.
Vegas Bomb Shot requires you dropping a shot glass with alcohol into your energy drink! Cheers!

It’s the Super Bowl, so yes, there is plenty of hype. This year feels different. It’s in Las Vegas, the hype capital of the world, so there’s that. It has Patrick Mahomes (once again) and possibly Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, so there’s that. And then there is Mr. Irrelevant on the other side.

And thank god any of those (and a hundred other reasons) are there for you to take a shot. So, let’s get down to business. The Vegas Bomb can be consumed as a cocktail, but why would you? This hype train game requires a shot worthy of its puffery.

Vegas Bomb Recipe

It should not surprise that the origin of the Vegas Bomb is as murky as you will be after consuming several of them. (Drink responsibly, people). But there is one thing that I am pretty adamant about you will need a SHOT GLASS. Most shots that have the word “bomb” in them require (INSIST) you drop a shot glass with alcohol into another beverage (beer, more alcohol, or, in this case, an Energy Drink).

You Need

1 ¼ ounces of Crown Royal Whiskey

¼ ounce of Peach Schnapps

2 ounces of cranberry juice

Carbonated Energy Drink


What You Will Do

Combine the Crown Royal, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice in a shaker with ice.

Shake until you feel it’s all combined to perfection.

Strain this mixture into a shot glass.

Pour the energy drink about half full in a glass that the shot glass will fit (usually a regular beverage glass).

Drop the shot glass into the glass with the Energy Drink and CONSUME.

Let the hype train begin.

Patrick Mahomes in the G.O.A.T.

There is a lot of talk about Mahomes being the G.O.A.T. I think Mr. Tom Brady may have something to say about that.

Before the comparisons, it’s fair to mention that this will be Mahomes’ fourth appearance in the last five Super Bowls. That is the most of any quarterback before the age of 30. His 14 playoff wins are tied for the third most by any quarterback. And Mahomes has won in the 2020 and 2023 Super Bowls. But what will come up more often is that he is doing this with a far less superior cast than Brock Purdy.

The Chiefs' offense in their last two games has put the ball in the hands of three players, and let’s see what happens, which just happened to be wins. Running back Isiah Pacheco has had 39 rushing attempts in the last two games, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire has had three. In their last two games, tight end Travis Kelce had 17 targets, and wide receiver Ray Rice had 13. Mahomes has attempted 62 passes in those two games, which gives Rice and Kelce somewhere near 48.39% of the total passing volume.

Yes, Mahomes is good. But the G.O.A.T? Here is the evidence the Washington Post has compiled.

During his first six seasons as a starter, Tom Brady had an 88.4 passer rating. The league average was 80.1. During Mahomes’s six seasons as a starter, the league average was 91.0. Mahomes averaged 103.7.

But who are we kidding? It is the postseason that matters.

During Brady’s first 17 playoff starts, per TruMedia, his performance was worth an estimated five points more per game than we would expect based on each player's down, distance, and field position. TruMedia has Mahomes’ performance in his first 17 playoff starts worth almost 10 points more per game than expected.

Regarding passing attempts, 39% of Mahomes' playoff attempts were converted to first downs compared to 33% of Brady’s. Mahomes also had 10 more touchdown passes in those games (39 vs. 29).

I dunno. A partial claim to Brady’s G.O.A.T status is his longevity. Will Mahomes play into his 40s? Will it matter if he accumulates a few more Lombardi Trophies?

It’s a great thought experiment, even better when Vegas Bombs are involved.

So, cheers, and let the discussion begin again.

Taylor Swift

She’s his girlfriend, y’ll. He’s not the first football player to have a girlfriend, and I seriously doubt he will be the last.

Yes, she is phenomenal and Times Person of the Year for 2023. Okay, her ERAS TOUR has grossed more than a billion dollars and, in some cases, improved economies. And yeah, she is photogenic.

But it’s not like she is clamoring for the attention (>cough<Jackson Mahomes<cough>).

The media and the NFL are driving this hype train. Seriously, is anyone surprised they would use the age of idea of the female as a commodity to constantly be in the spotlight to further their goals? Anyone who doesn’t think the NFL has benefited by this romance isn’t thinking.

Don’t fall into this hype trap. Take a shot. Calm down.

Usher is the halftime show…smooth R&B will help. Just go with it.


Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy Looks Pretty Relevant Now

Purdy talk is a hype train worthy of getting on. Purdy was the last player taken…Mr. Irrelevant, pick 262nd in the NFL 2022 Draft.


They throw a parade at Disney for this person, believing that’s as much fanfare as he will get. And he is now leading his team into the Super Bowl. That in itself is enough for the hype train.

But now we have to add in chatter about whether or not he is a “game manager”?

And maybe there is a point. Purdy isn’t the best player on the team. Purdy has a remarkable supporting cast:

·      Running back Christian McCaffrey is first in rushing yards (1459), first in scrimmage touchdowns (21), and first in red zone touches (79), to name just a few of his superlatives.

·      Wide receiver Deebo Samuel is eighth in target separation (2.17) and ninth in yards after catch (5.9 per target).

·      Wide Receiver Brandon Aiyuk is second in yards per reception (17.9) and second in yards per target (12.8), and 81.3% of his catches go for either a first down or a touchdown.

·      Tight end George Kittle in second in aDOT (9.5), third in yards after catch (5.4 per target), and second in total touchdowns with a 9.1% rate.

Blah…blah…blah, does it matter whether he is a “game changer” or a “game manager” if they continue winning?

In the NFC Conference Championship, he bounced back from a horrendous first half to lead his team to victory.







Pass Yards



Pass Yards/Attempt






Passer Rating



Rushing Yards



Stats courtesy of


When his team needed him, he stepped up or scrambled his way downfield. It would be the second time in the playoffs that he brought his team from behind to win.

And if he wins one more game, he will be Brock Purdy Super Bowl LVIII Champion.

And let’s say he comes up short against the defending Super Bowl Champions and Steve Spagnuolo’s defense. He will still be the quarterback that has reached further in the NFL 2023 season than 20 other quarterbacks.

It seems to me both of those outweigh any name-calling that can be thrown around.


So, make you won shot game. Just remember the energy drink in this shot is going to make you think your alcohol consumption isn’t what it actually is. Be responsible. Drink responsible.


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