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When Being Pretty Isn't Enough...SEO Optimization

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Always Optimize

You have your blog ready to publish, and it is stunning. It is breathtakingly gorgeous. But do you know what it’s not…it’s not SEO optimized. And that means there are so many people who are going to miss out on all the work you did to make your blog so beautiful.

But don’t fret. Here is something that will solve that problem. Alt-text, also known as alt-description or alt-tag, has many names, all meaning the same thing. And the short answer is they mean the process of SEO optimizing your blog/ website.

Alt-Text SEO Optimization

Alt-text was first introduced to help the visually impaired. By accurately and descriptively describing what was happening in the image, the visually impaired would be fully engaged with the blog.

And while that is still an important function for alt-text, the benefits now reach your blog.

When you set a descriptive alt-text to the images on your page, it provides context. This context informs the search engine crawlers, allowing them to index the image correctly. The description allows the crawlers to comprehend what your image is about, which will result in them more likely being presented in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). That is what we are all striving for being seen.

Being Pretty Isn't Enough If You are Not Seen

Sometimes, the browser cannot display the image on your blog—another reason to utilize alt-text. If there are no descriptions of the image set, you will not be optimized, and the user will have no idea what beautiful image you have put on your blog. This decreases the viewer’s optimal experience while also decreasing your SEO optimization.

This is optimally sad for everyone (see what I did there).

Beauty should be experienced completely.


In this instance, the alt-text “soldier kissing dog” was automatically generated (see, all AIs aren’t scary). But admittedly, “soldier kissing dog” doesn’t do it justice for those who cannot fully appreciate the picture. But it helps.

A better alt-text is “U.S. military soldier bends down to kiss black dog as they head home January 3, 2024”

Do’s and Don’t

When using alt-text, there are some things you have to remember:

·      Don’t put words together randomly. Don’t just vomit out keywords; besides being gross, you will be penalized by search engines.

·      Be brief and descriptive, using words relevant to the image you describe.

·      A definite Do is a maximum of 20 words with at least a keyword or phrase associated with the picture.

More Than Pretty

Sometimes, we hear “content” and think of words…words…and more words. But even when words are at a minimum, they are important. Take alt-text, and it’s content. It is only twenty words at maximum, but it’s content, and it’s important content.

So, let’s just remember pretty visuals are nice. But they aren’t bringing home the SEO optimization until the descriptive word content is added with them.

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